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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Weapons Catalog Revealed


Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Weapons Catalog Revealed


The toy catalogs for the recently revealed Shuriken Sentai Ninninger have been posted. The following is a breakdown of the Ninninger weapons catalog.


First off is the transformation item of the team. Much like how the Kyoryugers’ used a gun, the Ninningers will use their swords to transform. This weapon is called the Ninja Ichibantou (Ninja First Sword). The device has three different modes: Transform, Technique, and Summon.

Transform will be activated when you place a Ninninger shuriken onto the base of the sword and spin it. Technique uses various ninja techniques activated by the shuriken. Finally, Summon is used with Shurikenjin’s shuriken to call upon their robo. Included is the Akaninger Shuriken. The toy will be available on February 2015 for ¥4,980.


The Goton Shuriken (Shuriken of the Five Paths) is an attack shuriken used by the Ninningers with the Ninja Ichibantou to activate one of five ninpo techniques: Fire (sound: Meramera ja!), Water (sound: Jabujabu ja!), Wood (sound: Mokumoku ja!), Gold (Kinkira Ja!), and Ground (sound: Dondon ja!). The shuriken has its own dedicated soundboard and can be stored on the Ninnin Buckle. It will be released on March 2015 for ¥1,800.

The Ninningers use a unique firearm in the form of the Gamagama Juu (Frog Gun), aptly named after its frog-like appearance. When a shuriken is inserted onto the back of the gun, the mouth will open up to reveal a tongue-like barrel to initiate a final attack. Included with the Gamagama Juu is the Aoninger Shuriken. It will be released on February 2015 for ¥3,980.


Another weapon used by the Ninninger is the Karakuri Hengen (Mechanized Transforming Sword). Place a shuriken in the spot on the middle of the weapon to transform it into one of three modes: Sword, Bow, and Claw shown to be used by Akaninger, Aoninger, and Kininger respectively. The toy has unique sounds for each mode. Included is the Kininger Shuriken. The weapon will be available on February 2015 for ¥4,500.

Below it is the Ninnin Buckle, the annual belt toy for the season. The belt has a plate in the middle, with spots for Shinobi Shuriken on the left and right sides. Each slot holds one shuriken. Included with the toy is the Shironinger Shuriken. The buckle will be released on February 2015 for ¥2,800.

Source: Mecha Imports

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