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KAIJU GAIDEN, a documentary highlighting independent Japanese tokusatsu filmmakers, launched a crowd-sourcing campaign.

The documentary is a part of the Indpendent Kaiju Project run by producer Mark Jaramillo and is lead by director and producer David Hall. The purpose is that of discovering, cataloging, and promoting independent kaiju films.

KAIJU GAIDEN gives fans of the tokusatsu genre a chance to hear each independent kaiju filmmakers’ individual stories including their inspirations and some of the challenges they face.

Some featured directors include Shizuo Nakajima (director of Legendary Beast Wolfman vs Godzilla), Masahiko Katto (Zeran and Atragon 2), Shingo Machata (Zella: Monster Martial Law) and many others.

Because KAIGU GAIDEN is funded by contributions, the team is looking for donations to complete the filming that will start this October. Donors will receive updates from the team’s excursions in Japan. When each goal is reached, there will be advancements in the project. For example, when the project raises $35,000, there will be monthly 20-minute free online shows that showcases any films that weren’t included in the documentary.

KAIJU GAIDEN is also offering some rewards including lobby cards, posters, busts and toys.

To help fund the project, visit KAIJU GAIDEN’s Kickstarter page.


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