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Fujiyama Ichiban Episode 1: Part 1 Released


Fujiyama Ichiban Episode 1: Part 1 Released

FUJIYAMA ICHIBAN Episode1 Part1.mp4_snapshot_00.02_[2014.09.29_16.54.48]

The independent Los Angeles-based tokusatsu web series, Fujiyama Ichiban, has released the first part of Episode One on their YouTube Channel.

Created by Michi Yamato and his company, Samurai Action Studio, Fujiyama Ichiban follows a team of heroes who harness the sun’s energy. They battle a mysterious alien organization known as the Dark Matter Empire, who captured Sun Taiyo’s father, a scientist developing new solar energy technology.

Part 1 of Episode 1 can be found on their YouTube Channel, and the second part will be released on October 3rd.

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Source: Fujiyama Ichiban YouTube Channel

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