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Kamen Rider Wizard Novel Announced


Kamen Rider Wizard Novel Announced

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Kodansha’s website and Twitter account announced a Kamen Rider Wizard novel. 

The novel will be written by Kamen Rider Wizard’s main writer Tsuyoshi Kida.

The synopsis for the novel is as follows:

Rinko Daimon, a police officer in National Security Bureau Section Zero, is chasing down the remaining Phantoms together with Haruto Soma, also known as Kamen Rider Wizard.

Out of nowhere, another Haruto appears claiming he’s the real Haruto. He transforms into a jet black Kamen Rider Wizard and attacks Haruto.

Behind the two Rider’s fight lies an evil plan.

The novel is set to release October 31st and will sell for ¥ 670.

Source: Kodansha, Amazon via Lady Eve

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