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Space Sheriff Next Generation Screening Event Coverage


Space Sheriff Next Generation Screening Event Coverage

On Sunday, The Tokusatsu Network attended a special advanced screening of the two new Space Sheriff Next Generation movies. Afterwards, the cast and director appeared in a talk show to answer questions and discuss their experiences.

After initial introductions and thanking everyone for coming to the screening, the second generation of Space Sheriffs were asked their thoughts about their participation on the movies.


Yuma Ishigaki (Geki/Gavan type-G) felt fortunate to have been playing the character for 3 years already, and appearing many times such as the crossover in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters and in the film Super Hero Wars Z.

Riki Miura (Kai/Sharivan II) said that although he had appeared in previous movies, he wanted to show who his character was and is grateful for the opportunity of these two new movies.

Hiroaki Iwanaga (Shu/Shaider II) felt “a certain amount of frustration” for not being able to appear more as Shaider before. To date, he’s only had minor participation in both Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie and through voice work in Super Hero Wars Z.


Regarding Miura’s character, Kai, Ishigaki jokingly pointed out that even though he’s shown as a cool-headed calculating person, most of his calculations ended up wrong. Miura added that it was very hard for him to get into character and that he suffered through the process at first. He also felt the dual responsibility of having to prove both his character and himself to his senior, Den Iga (once again played by Hiroshi Watari)


The crowd cheered at Hiroshi Watari’s entrance to the stage. It had been 30 years since he played Den Iga, but it is not apparent when watching the movie. Watari stated that he wishes for the Space Sheriff series to continue. Later on during the talk show, both Hiroshi and Miura did their “Sekisha” transformation poses together on stage.


Nobody thought that Shu, Iwanaga’s character, would be such a ladies man. Iwanaga stated that his character definitely has nothing to do with his own personality, to the audience’s laughter. When developing the character, he was glad that he could build it with the suggestions he personally gave.

Misaki Momose

Misaki Momose (Sissy) proclaimed that her heart belongs to Sharivan, but then joked many times that it was to Watari’s original instead, even after watching both of them transform on stage. She had difficulty with her role as a scientist because she hates difficult words. Not only that, but someone told her that she was the woman who looked the least sexy in a lab coat.


Naomi Morinaga (Shaider’s assistant Annie in the original TV series) became very emotional before she answered any questions, overwhelmed by the expressions of affection from all the fans at the screening. She believes it was thanks to the strong bonds she shared with many people that made her able to return. Iwanaga added that although their scenes together were brief, they will remain in his memory as they were very significant to him.

Akira Kushida

Akira Kushida also appeared at the event as he makes a cameo in the movies, marking his first appearance as an actor after 40 years. He told the audience that the new song, “Space Sheriff Next Generation”, was written and composed by original Space Sheriff Series fan-favorite Chumei Watanabe. He wished for everyone to appreciate the lyrics and keep it in their hearts just as they did with the other themes.

Koichi Sakamoto

The movies’ director, Koichi Sakamoto (Kyoryuger, Ultraman Ginga S), expressed how much he loves shooting Tokusatsu and that he’d always wanted to direct a Space Sheriff project. He made a particular point to emphasize about the difference in tone between both movies; Sharivan being a serious detective story and Shaider being a comedy. As they were both V-Cinema projects, it allowed him more creative and tonal freedom than a broadcast series or a theatrical, both in violence and sexiness.


Space Sheriff Sharivan NEXT GENERATION and Space Sheriff Shaider NEXT GENERATION will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in Japan on October 10th and November 7th respectively.

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Image Sources:, Sanspo, Cinema Today, Yahoo! Japan

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