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Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend Figures and OVA Re-Released


Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend Figures and OVA Re-Released


Bandai will be re-releasing select figures from the classic Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend series, along with the 1996 one-shot OVA.

Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend series put a new spin on the Ultra Series by turning it into a shonen fighter (a la Saint Seiya, Ronin Warriors, etc.) story that spanned comics and toys. After his defeat at the hands of Zetton, Ultraman leaves Nebula M-78 to train his body and prevent a second devastating loss. Gaining mastery of “Hyper Energy”, Ultraman becomes Fighter Ultraman, clad in new armor to help sustain his new Hyper Form. Unfortunately, Ultraman’s rival, Mephilas, has also gained mastery over Hyper Energy, becoming the Great Emperor Mephilas. Together with his allies who have begun the road to achieving Super Fighter status, Ultraman must stand to protect the galaxy from this new menace.

Released by Bandai via Gashapon capsules from 1993 to 1997, the Super Fighter Legend toyline featured classic heroes and monsters clad in gold and silver-painted armor. The figures were akin to the Kinnikuman or M.U.S.C.L.E figures released in the 80s in that they were single colored apart from any accessories. Along with this, there was a manga published in Comics BomBom, penned by Ryuu Sagawa and drawn by Jin Kurihara, that fleshed out the mythos and backstory for the toys, along with creating new characters. The storyline served as the backstory for the 1996 OVA which pitted the Super Fighters against the evil personification of the Tsuiphon comet from the Ultraman TV series. 



The re-release of the figures is part of a special set from Premium Bandai that will come with 1996 OVA, released on DVD for the first time ever. 18 faithfully reproduced figures from the series like Fighter Ultraman, Fighter Ultraseven, and Great Emperor Mephilas will be included, along with four new exclusive figures of characters featured in the OVA. As a special bonus to fans, the set will also come with a chapter of the new sequel manga by the original authors which stars Ultraman Moebius.

The Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend Set is currently available for order on Premium Bandai, with a September 30th deadline. The set will cost 8,640 yen.

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Source: Premium Bandai via Tsuburaya Station

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