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Kamen Rider Drive Finally Revealed


Kamen Rider Drive Finally Revealed


Toei has gone to extra effort this year to stop any leaks of the next Rider show, Kamen Rider Drive. However, two scans have appeared online showing the most clear image of him yet.

Kamen Rider Drive can be seen here above at Saitama Super Arena, a usual shooting location for Toei shows, wearing the Drive Driver.


The toy, listed as TK01 Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed, will retail for 3200 yen. It boasts 18 moveable parts, the type, or form, will be exchangeable and will include two tires (but does not state how the exchanging function works).

Kamen Rider Drive is expected to air the week after Kamen Rider Gaim finishes in September.

Source: 2ch

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  1. Dompet Wanita Murah

    August 13, 2014 at 5:52 am

    What a simple design, than Gaim..

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