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Shaider and Sharivan V-Cinema Trailers Released


Shaider and Sharivan V-Cinema Trailers Released


Full trailers posted for the upcoming Metal Hero movies to be released later this year.

Space Sheriff Sharivan: Next Generation stars Riki Miura (Gekiranger) as Kai, the second Sharivan, alongside Ryōma Baba (Go-Busters), a golden Space Sheriff named Esteban. Also starring are Kōchiro Nishi (Abaranger), Sho Tomita (Abaranger) and Misaki Momose as Sharivan’s partner. Original series star Hiroshi Watari will return to reprise his role. The story follows Kai in his efforts to uncover the true identity of a spy for Neo-Madō within the space police organization.

Space Sheriff Shaider: Next Generation stars Hiroaki Iwagawa (Tomica Hero Rescue Force, Kamen Rider OOO) as Shu, the second Shaider. Joining Iwagawa is Naomi Morinaga, reprising the role of Annie from the original Shaider  series, Mayu Kawamoto as Tammy, Shaider’s partner, Michi Nishijima (Abaranger) and Kasumi Yamaya (Movie War Ultimatum). Also returning to a role played in the original shows is Masayuki Suzuki as Koichi Oyama, a bumbling UFO expert. This movie follows the playboy Space Sheriff Shu in his efforts to save the daughter of a kidnapped scientist and survive being partnered with the overbearing Tammy.

Miura and Iwagawa are reprising their roles from the 2012 Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie. Also returning is Yuma Ishigaki as Geki Jumonji, the second Gavan, first introduced in Gavan the Movie. Shinji Todo (Toei’s Spider-Man) will appear in both films as the new commander of the space police, following the death of original series actor Toshiaki Nishizawa. Honoka (Akibaranger), first seen in the Gavan movie, will also return for the Next Generation sequels.

Space Sheriff Sharivan: Next Generation will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray in Japan October 10th, followed by Space Sheriff Shaider: Next Generation on November 7th.

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Source: Toei YouTube (2)

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