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Ressha Sentai ToQger the Movie: Galaxy Line S.O.S. Full Summary


Ressha Sentai ToQger the Movie: Galaxy Line S.O.S. Full Summary

toqmovieposter The Tokusatsu Network’s Tom Constantine managed to see the summer ToQGer movie, Galaxy Line SOS. What follows is a summary of the movie’s plot.

Warning: The following summary contains spoilers for the full movie

The movie begins in space with the Galaxy Line Ressha being chased by the Galaxy Shadow Line Darkliner driven by Count Nile. The Shadow Line Ressha fires on the Galaxy Resshas, breaking it apart and sends the front carriage and its female conductor descending down onto Earth.

Meanwhile, the ToQgers are having a normal day aboard the Red Ressha. Mio and Kagura have whipped up a cake, which ends up splatting on Tokatti’s face due to an emergency stop.


Hound Shadow (left) & Count Nail (middle)

The Galaxy Line Ressha crashes into a train yard and Count Nile and his subordinate, Hound Shadow, teleport in to fire on and finish off the damaged train. The ToQger team steams in abruptly and knocks his minion flying. The ToQgers appear in a line and face off against a regiment of Crows, but are overwhelmed by both Nile and Hound Shadow. The Galaxy Line Ressha opens up, pulls in Right and drives off. The remaining members are beaten up and almost face destruction when Zedd calls and orders Nile to the Shadow Line HQ.

A device in the Galaxy Line Ressha depletes Right of his Imagination and attempts to make a railway to space, but barely gets off the ground. The ToQger Ressha meets up with the Galaxy Line Ressha and it’s finally revealed that the Conductor is a woman named Lady. Both conductors remark that it’s been a long time while the gang try to find Right a bento box so that he feels better.

The team stops at a nearby park. Lady explains that the Galaxy Line was created when civilians watched the first rocket launch and imagined about the stars. Right comes up with a plan to catapult the Galaxy Line Resshas into space using the team’s imagination to create a railway above the city. She remarks that it won’t be enough, but the gang assure her that the imagination of the people below will be enough.

At the Castle Terminal, Nile introduces himself to Zedd and is also taken aback by his unnatural interest in shiny things. The Count promises to defeat the ToQgers and reminds Zedd just how much better darkness is compared to light.

Both Lady and the Conductor stand on a bridge talking when Nile and Hound attack with a unit of Crows. Conductor does a pose and the enemies are hit with something. He believed that he caused it, but it’s really just the ToQgers shooting from behind them. Right takes Lady in the Galaxy Line Ressha supported by the ToQger Resshas, while the rest stay to fight the villains. Lady still doubts that there will be enough imagination to make a big enough railway, but Right assures her there will be. 5301 En route, the Crows change the Ressha’s rails so that they’ll crash. Suddenly, Akira (ToQ-6) appears, looking for his place to die. Right tells him on the intercom that this isn’t it. Akira transforms into ToQ-6 and swiftly destroys the grunts and turns the lever back so they can continue on the correct route.

Nile and Hound hit the remaining ToQgers hard enough to make them transform out of their suits. Nile leaves the rest to Hound Shadow and proceeds after the Galaxy Line Ressha. He quickly catches up on his Darkliner as Right on the Galaxy Line Ressha descends to take off. ToQ-6 jumps on and fights to keep Nile busy while the Galaxy Ressha uses the city’s imagination to launch into space. Lady gives Right the Galaxy Line Resshas to use in the ToQ-Changer, and un-couples from the Red Ressha to depart off to the stars. Back on Earth, ToQ-6 gets knocked out of the Shadow Line Train while the ToQger Resshas swing round and smash into it – sending it crashing into the ground. Hound is distracted by this and the team shoots him in the back; he then retreats to find his master.

Nile appears from the wreckage and the main five assemble and use their newly given Galaxy Resshas. They keep the same colours, but gain abilities of various animals:


Red – Red Lion, Green – Green Alligator, Yellow – Yellow Wildcat Blue – Blue Eagle, Pink – Pink Panda

While the team gets a minor costume adjustment with their animal appearing over their chest logos, Pink gets an entire panda costume. The gang attacks and clearly have the upper hand with their new powers. They use the Renketsu Bazooka and defeat both the general and his underling.

In the midst of the fire, Nile and Hound combine and become giant-sized. The ToQgers call in their Resshas to combine into Super ToQ-Oh, with ToQ-6 arriving with BuildDai-Oh. However, the combined Shadow Monster is far taller than them. Our heroes’ final attacks are useless against the monster and end up taking a beating. Just then, the Galaxy Line train appears with all the Safari Resshas connected, firing back at the monster to knock it back.

Right jumps on-board and takes the wheel, and with the power of imagination, it transforms into SafariGa-Oh. ToQ-6 takes over Right’s position in the cockpit . The mecha then jumps and rides on SafariGa-Oh and attacks the monster. A final attack destroys it.

Afterwards, the team are at a train station, saying goodbye to Lady. Akira waves from a distance and walks off. Lady pulls out a hand puppet of herself and tries to do a voice (a cameo voice appearance by Gokai Yellow’s actress, Mao Ichimichi), but is clearly talking out of the side of her mouth.She waves goodbye and the credits roll.

I've been floating around doing various things in the fandom for the past decade. Now living in Japan, writing news articles and occasionally starring in a show as "Only white guy in the background".

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