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Ultraman Ginga S Cast Appear With New Heroes


Ultraman Ginga S Cast Appear With New Heroes


The second Ultraman Ginga season, to premiere on July 7th on TV Tokyo, made its appearance at the Tokyo Big Sight International Toy Fair.


Takuya Negishi returns as Hikaru Raido in Ultraman Ginga S

Along with heroes Ultraman Ginga, in his new Storium form, and Ultraman Victory was Takuya Negishi, lead actor in the role of Hikaru.

Appearing with Negishi are the rest of his Ultra Party Guardians cast members: Yukari Taki, playing Arisa Sugita, Ryuichi Ohura, playing Captain Yoshiaki Jinno,  Takahiro Kato, playing Gouki Matsumoto, and Uji Kiyotaka, in the role of Shou/Ultraman Victory. Along with star Negishi, Shohei Uno, who plays Tomoya Ichijoji, is the only returning cast member from the first season.

Negishi mentions his delight and enthusiasm at being given the chance to return to the role of Hikaru Raido, the human host of Ultraman Ginga, stating “I’m an Ultraman until the day I die,” at the toy fair.

gingaori 3

Ultraman Victory takes on a monster in front of a crowd.

In addition to Ultraman Ginga’s new form, this second season will feature a new Ultraman, Victory. Ultraman Victory showed off his monster fighting prowess on stage while taking on the space dinosaur Red King, much to the delight of those in the audience.

Ultraman Ginga S takes place two years after the original Ultraman Ginga. Hikaru Raido has now joined the Ultra Party Guardians (UPG) to defend the world from the threat of monsters.


The e-NV200

In addition to new cast members and heroes, this second season will feature new vehicles for the UPG team. The Ultraman series has long been known for the futuristic and fantastic jets piloted by the various members of the defense forces throughout the years, but they’ve also been given unique land vehicles.

The Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf

Announced at the toy fair was a special collaboration between Nissan and Ultraman Ginga S, whose UPG team will roam around in vehicles provided by the manufacturer. The Nissan Leaf and e-NV200, both 100% electric vehicles, were provided for the series and will feature vital support tools for the special forces team.



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Source: Oricon


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