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Ultra Mother Models Swimsuits for AMU Plaza Campaign


Ultra Mother Models Swimsuits for AMU Plaza Campaign


As a follow up to AMU Plaza’s Renewal campaign, Ultraman’s Ultra Mother returns as the largest fashion model to promote summer sales and events for the shopping center company.

The summer sale campaign at AMU Plaza locations will run through most of July, from the 7th to the 24th. Similar to the inaugural campaign, Ultra Mother alongside other Ultra Series monsters will model stylish items available for purchase.

The theme of the campaign is sports resort clothing from around the world. Here, Ultra Mother models a bikini with a pareo, which is a wrap-around skirt that’s common among islands such as Hawaii and Tahiti.

AMU Ultra Mother

Jamila (Middle) wears marine themed clothing with vibrant colors that’s representative of the American West Coast. In addition, Dada (Left) sports a frilly dress complimented with a wide brimmed hat to “evoke the rich and stylish south of France.” Rounding out the models is Pigmon (Right), whose hair accessories and nail art represents the Caribbean.

Each AMU location will feature their own sales, contests, and/or live events during this summer campaign, which include a photo session opportunity with an Ultraman character.

This is the second collaboration between AMU and Tsuburaya. The 16 second CMs or commercials spots, are available online through AMU’s official YouTube channel.

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Source: Tsuburaya Productions Official Website

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