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Plot Details For Hurricaneger Spin-Off Novel


Plot Details For Hurricaneger Spin-Off Novel


The plot for the forthcoming Hurricaneger Spin-Off novel has been released via Kodansha’s Book Club site. 

From the book’s obi and summary:

    Hurricanegers, Goraigers, Shurikenger! Assemble once again!
    The Shaman Jagaruda controls monsters that can possess people. Will Yosuke be able to eliminate this threat…?

    Strange occurrences start around the Hurricanegers… At first sight, they may seem like isolated incidents, however, they were part all a plot by Shaman Jagaruda to conquer the universe. Will Yosuke, Namami and Kōta, the Hurricanegers; along with Ikko and Isshu, the Gouragiers; join forces and manage to stop this evil plan?!

The 288-page Hurricaneger novel will be penned by Junichi Miyashita, Hurricaneger‘s main writer and author of the Kamen Rider Blade spin-off. It will be released in Japan on June 27th.

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Source: Kodansha Book Club via LadyEve

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