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Hyper Hobby Interviews Mahiro Takasugi


Hyper Hobby Interviews Mahiro Takasugi


In the July issue of Hyper Hobby, Mahiro Takasugi, the actor who plays Mitsuzane “Micchy” Kureshima in Kamen Rider Gaim was interviewed. Here, the actor discusses the shifts in his role on the show and his thoughts about what Micchy’s final fate should be.

Warning: This interview contains major spoilers for the Kamen Rider Gaim TV series.

HH: You are quite the villain now. Did you know this from the beginning?

Takasugi: I had been told that he’d become bad. That’s why I tried to have a higher tone of voice and have a good-guy vibe at the beginning.

HH: Was that in preparation for the villain?

Takasugi: Yes, I thought about lowering my voice when the change came. I felt the difference would be more noticeable.

HH: We never thought he’d turn like that.

Takasugi: I was surprised too. Things like attacking Gaim from behind were quite shocking.

HH: You almost seem like the Big Bad. Did you ever resent it?

Takasugi: Not at all. On the contrary, becoming more and more evil is quite fun. Having to think outside of everyone’s line of thought and having two faces was quite difficult, but having a chance to do many things is fun. I also enjoyed thinking about what face to make when Mai struck me.

HH: She talked about that in our past issue.

Takasugi: Yeah. It made such a loud noise. It didn’t hurt at all but the sound was really good (laughs).

HH: Don’t you feel a bit lonely now that you have betrayed not only Team Gaim but Yggdrassil?

Takasugi: Lately it’s been a lot of shooting by myself or with Ryo (Redyue’s suit actor). We had a scene in the garage with everyone the other day. It felt very weird and I realized there was less and less space in which I could be. I then realized this is what Micchy must be feeling.

HH: We heard you feel fulfillment in playing Mitsuzane Kureshima.

Takasugi: Yes, I’ve been considering what Micchy must be thinking all this time and having the director say “That was good” or hearing that what aired was really impressive makes me happy.

HH: Could this response also be because of the [Febreeze] adverts? That character is much more like you.

Takasugi: It is such a youthful story and it also has romance, something very different from Micchy. Unlike him, this character is very straightforward with his feelings, and I realized that there are many ways in which to express them.

HH: You said that you were glad to be seen by children as a hero in a past interview.

Takasugi: I also said that I wanted to become a hero that could be looked up to at the announcement press conference. In the end, he is no hero and shouldn’t be looked up to. However, I do want to make him a cool Kamen Rider.10405564_10152944762488327_3408842930277762810_n

HH: How have the children reacted?

Takasugi: There were a lot of children watching us film the other day. I was genuinely worried. But they all called me “Micchy!” and did not avoid me. I felt relieved.

HH: Have you ever wanted to get rid of the villainous character?

Takasugi: I don’t want him to be friends with Kōta again. He did something that cannot be forgiven.

HH: So, he can’t be a hero again?

Takasugi: I don’t think so. His power to become a Rider has become something not to protect his friends but to protect his place and manipulate people.

HH: Have you heard from producer Takebe about what will become of Micchy in the future?

Takasugi: She won’t tell me even when I ask her.

HH: What about dying protecting Kōta in the end?

Takasugi: No, I don’t want him to be good. I want him to remain a villain. It would not feel right for him to redeem himself.

HH: We thought you were playing a villain unwillingly, but it seems to be the opposite.

Takasugi: Not unwillingly at all. It is a bit hard to be disliked but I feel relieved that the response from children was good.

HH: What should we expect from Mitsuzane Kureshima from now on?

Takasugi: The story changes every episode and Micchy’s mindset changes just as often. I’d like everyone to see the Micchy of each episode.

HH: There are a lot of close-ups lately.

Takasugi: You’re right (laughs). I have the same face most of the time so I need to think of something different.

HH: These changes are also highlights to look forward to.

Takasugi: Yes!

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Source: Hyper Hobby – July 2014 Issue

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