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Q Pop Shop and Gallery Celebrates Sailor Moon


Q Pop Shop and Gallery Celebrates Sailor Moon


Sailor Moon takes center stage at the Magical Girls and Heroines show hosted by independent art gallery and fashion store, Q Pop Shop and Gallery.

The Tokusatsu Network was one of the hundreds of attendees lined up outside Q Pop on Saturday, April 5th for the opening night of their Magical Girls and Heroines Sailor Moon-themed art show.


The line of Sailor Moon fans continued outside Q Pop Shop and Gallery throughout the duration of the opening event.

Artists such as Crowded Teeth, Perry Maple, Brigitte Barrager, Clio ChiangLissa TreimaEastwood Wong, Cameron Garland, and Madoka Kinoshita, whose process can be seen in the YouTube video below, contributed unique and splendid artistic presentations to honor the 20th anniversary of the iconic and arguably quintessential magical girl anime.

In addition to art, Q Pop also featured official Sailor Moon merchandise available only in limited quantities. Items such as plushies, nail stickers, cups, smartphone covers and accessories are all new, official products launched within the past year both in celebration of its anniversary as well as in anticipation for the new Sailor Moon anime to be released later this year.

Magical Girls and Heroines is only one of the many rotating pop-culture inspired art shows hosted at Q Pop. Most notably Q Pop hosted past tokusatsu-themed art shows, Tokusatsu: Japanese Science Fictionand Tokusatsu 2: Revenge of the Kaiju. The Tokusatsu Network went on to highlight Kyle Carrozza and OMOCAT, two artists from the latter of the two tokusatsu themed shows.


Even without a current art show, tokusatsu and magical girl fans as well as fashion enthusiasts will find plenty of reasons to visit Q Pop. Kamen Rider and other tokusatsu graphic t-shirts are almost always in-stock and Q Pop is the executive United States retailer for the Japanese fashion label, Super Lovers, who boasts “Colorful Techno Clubwear with a Harajuku Pop Feel.

For more photos of the Magical Girls and Heroines show, see the gallery below as well as LA Weekly’s photo gallery.


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