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Kamen Rider Saber Lottery Event Announced


Kamen Rider Saber Lottery Event Announced

Lawson is running a special lottery in collaboration with the Kamen Rider brand with special prizes.

The Lawson brand, known for its convenience stores in Japan, has teamed up with Kamen Rider and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal for a special lottery event including prizes from Kamen Rider Saber. This limited time event is only running until January 25th, 2020.

To enter, fans will need to register through their LINE accounts. For every 700 yen spent at Lawson stores, customers can receive seals which are used to purchase entries in the lottery. Only a maximum of 99 seals can be given per transaction. One seal is good for an entry into the Kamen Rider Saber rucksack lottery or the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal jewelry pouch and bath towel lottery. Two seals are good for one entry into the Kamen Rider Saber Wonder Story pop-up book Saber fountain pen lottery or the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal cushion lottery.

Some other lottery items not associated with TV productions are listed on the official lottery campaign webpage. Readers who plan on entering should note that each item like the Saber rucksack or item set like the Saber pop-up book and fountain pen is in its own separate lottery. To enter for one chance to win each Kamen Rider Saber prize, one two-seal entry needs to be spent on the pop-up book and fountain pen lottery, and another one-seal entry needs to be spent on the rucksack lottery. Both lotteries are separate. Likewise, the same is true for the Sailor Moon lotteries and the others listed on the campaign page.

Phone wallpapers offered as a consolation prize just for entering the lottery will also be offered for those entering the Kamen Rider Saber and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal lotteries. The specific wallpaper received will be random.

Purchases made can go towards seals until January 25th, 2020. Customers can apply for the lotteries until January 26th, 2020. For further details, readers should check the official lottery campaign page.

Source: Lawson

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