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Original Godzilla Actor, Akira Takarada’s Cameo Cut From New Godzilla Movie


Original Godzilla Actor, Akira Takarada’s Cameo Cut From New Godzilla Movie

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Akira Takarada, famously known for his role as Hideto Ogata in the original Godzilla movie, announced at Super Festival 65 that his cameo scene in the new American reboot has been cut from the final version.

On Sunday morning at the Super Festival in Tokyo, Akira Takarada announced during a talk show that the scene he was involved in was removed from the movie. He did not comment on the reason nor whether the scene would be included in the home release as a special feature.

Takarada was most active in film during the 60s, having appeared in the first four Godzilla films. He would later go into television acting and eventually become known as the voice for the Japanese dub of Jafar, central villain in the Disney franchise Aladdin.

Source: Super Festival 64

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