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Next Week on Ressha Sentai ToQger Station 7

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Next Week on Ressha Sentai ToQger Station 7

ToQger ep 7

With a new Shadow Line station to confront, the ToQgers’ will is tested in Station 7 of Ressha Sentai ToQgerDisconsolate and Demotivate.

Station 7: Disconsolate and Demotivate
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Director: Hiroyuki Kato

Right and the others wake up in the morning but Kagura looks downhearted. When asked about it, she apparently had one of her pretend attacks and broke Hikari’s kendama toy. On top of that, Hikari saw the whole thing and he was livid.

Right and the others tell her they’ll apologize together but the train approaches a Shadow Line station… As if one bad thing called on another, Right, Tokatti and Mio lose their will to fight. Only Kagura and Hikari are left! Will these two be ok?!


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