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Next Week on Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 24

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Next Week on Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 24

Gaim ep24a

Kaito continues his journey for power and the spotlight turns to the person behind the scenes in Episode 24 of Kamen Rider GaimThe new, powerful enemies: The Overlords

Episode 24: The new, powerful enemies: The Overlords
Writer: Gen Urobuchi
Director: Ishida Hidenori

In spite of being shown just how much of a disadvantage he has in power, Baron faces the Overlord. He is saved thanks to Marika’s assistance, however, after untransforming, he says the only way to truly understand the Overlords is through power. Even Yoko is left speechless at this statement. Another Overlord has been watching them intently all along…

Gaim ep24b

A lone Kōta transforms into Gaim. He confirms that the Peach Energy Lockseed greatly enhances his eyesight. With this, he may be able to track down the Overlords and his hope is renewed. So he still wants to fight, does he…? Hiding his irritation at Kōta, Mitsuzane approaches. He finds out that DJ Sagara was the one who helped him.

Mitsuzane immediately reports this to Takatora and the other Yggdrasil executives. Who the hell is DJ Sagara? What are his intentions?

Source: TV Asahi,

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