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Next Week on Ressha Sentai ToQger Station 4

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Next Week on Ressha Sentai ToQger Station 4


Tokatti loses something very important while the other members battle a new monster in the next episode of Ressha Sentai ToQger – Station 4: Make Sure You Don’t Forget Your Belongings.

Station 4: Make Sure You Don’t Forget Your Belongings.
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Director: Katsuya Watanabe

The train is at a station. The stop seems to be taking longer than usual. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed. Additionally, there is some good news! Their Passes can use electronic money (go back to Station 2 and pay attention to what Wagon says). The ToQgers go into town with their Passes.

Right eats yakiniku, Hikari wanders about and Kagura goes shopping. Everyone is enjoying themselves. Tokatti buys many things to train his Imagination and Mio does some physical training. Equally enjoying themselves.

However, an incident occurs! Tokatti has lost his pass! On top of that, they received word that the following station has been taken over by the Shadow Line. They need to go right away but…without his Pass, Tokatti can’t board the train and chaos ensues.


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