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GARO, Ryosei Konishi, Takes Stage for “Glass Mask” Theater Adaptation


GARO, Ryosei Konishi, Takes Stage for “Glass Mask” Theater Adaptation


Garo‘s Ryosei Konishi will play the “handsome and ruthless entertainment mogul” Masumi Hayami in the new theater adaptation of Suzue Miuchi’s Glass Mask (Glass no Kamen) premiering in August at the Aoyama Theatre in Tokyo.

Glass Mask is a shōjo manga series by Suzue Miuchi that was serialized in 1976. Since then, the title has been adapted into an anime, a live-action series, and various stage plays including a traditional Noh play in 2006.


This latest production of Glass Mask will be the first in 26 years for Shochiku, a prominent production company. The company produced the Glass Mask live theater adaptation in 1988.

The main cast for the 2014 production includes Shihori Kanjiya as the main role of  Maya Kitajima, Johnny’s Jr. member Bun’ichi Hamanaka portrays Yū Sakurakoji in addition to Garo‘s Ryosei Konishi as Masumi Hayami.

Creator Suzue Miuchi herself expressed her joy for the new adapation stating, “I cannot wait to see another “Glass Mask” on stage.” She further states:

It’s been 26 years since Shochiku was in charge of the theatre adaptation. The protagonist, Maya Kitajima may seem to be living by just kicking away obstacles, but Glass Mask is a work about happiness. It is loved by people with numerous talents and now, it’s about to be reborn yet again. I cannot wait to see another Glass Mask on stage.

Further comments were posted on the Glass Mask adaptation’s official website.

Ryosei Konishi’s states:

This is something everyone knows about.
These characters continue to be loved.
Aware that I am now part of them, I want to do my best for both old and new fans to enjoy the show.

The lead, Shihori Kanjiya, also wrote:

I found Glass Mask when I stumbled upon it at a convenience store. It was a time in which I kept being turned down in auditions daily. For me, as someone who could not accomplish the wish of becoming an actress out of my small pride, Maya, who just kept confronting her acting with all her strength, was a dazzling view. This summer, I wish to bring everybody to the entrance of that world of shock that I experienced.

Lastly, Bunichi Hamanaka who plays Yū Sakurakoji,  comments:

I feel grateful for being given the chance of participating in a play as significative as Glass Mask. My character, Yū Sakurakoji, gently supports and watches over Maya, the protagonist. Just as his name says, I’ll become a kind man! [One of the meanings of the kanji 優 in the character’s name is kindness.] Also, it is the first time I, a member of the Kansai Johnny’s Jr., will participate in a Standard Japanese project. Also pay attention to what kind of “Tokyo man” I play! [Normally, talents from the Kansai region keep their dialect.]

Maki Ichiro, a well-known actress in Takarazuka Revue, is also a part of the cast but her role has yet to be revealed. Playwright and director, G2 will be in charge of the script and direction for this production.

Ryosei Konshi played the lead role in 2005’s Garo as Kouga Saejima. He’s previously played Shinji Ibu in the musical adaptation of The Prince of Tennis and Kuroro Lucifer in the theatrical adaptation of Hunter x Hunter.

Source:, Glass Mask Stage Official WebsiteAnime News Network Enclyclopedia

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