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Yuria Haga Shares Her Thoughts on Her First Nude Scene


Yuria Haga Shares Her Thoughts on Her First Nude Scene

The upcoming movie Red×Pink, being released February 22nd, features Kamen Rider 555’s Yuria Haga’s first nude scene.  She explains in a recent interview that she’s actually very enthusiastic about it.

In Red × Pink (Aka x Pink), Yuria plays a character called Satsuki with gender dysphoria, in which she will have a nude scene. She met up with the movie’s director Koichi Sakamoto and was asked to do a nude scene for it.

“He told me while there might be a negative ring to it, I should turn those things into positive things; and I thought if it’s with him this might actually be possible to do,” she strongly says. Yuria also felt that this was a very risky role, but after reading the original novel, she instantly fell in love with it. She explains that while the setting is fictional and extraordinary, the pain the characters feel is very real. Because of this, she wants to stay as faithful as possible to the original work.


Female characters with boyish personalities, short hair cuts, and gender dysphoria tend to be popular with actresses. For example, Aya Ueto’s character in Kinpachi Sensei, where she sported a short cut and talked like a man.

However, Sakamoto decided to put a twist on it and have her as a “normal” girl in society, while showing how she truly feels and her conflicts on the inside. This is also why she hasn’t cut her hair for the role.

Yuria Haga even surprised herself over how she was able to overcome this obstacle and wishes that everyone will go watch this and see how much she has grown as an actress.

Source: Movie Walker Plus (including photos)

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