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“Fourze” Star, Souta Fukushi, Transforms Again For Suit Actor Movie


“Fourze” Star, Souta Fukushi, Transforms Again For Suit Actor Movie

Kamen Rider Fourze’s star, Souta Fukushi, will be starring in the upcoming tokusatsu movie In The Hero

In The Hero isn’t your ordinary tokusatsu movie. Instead of people transforming into heros and fighting monsters, it’s about the life of a suit actor. Toshiaki Karasawa (Kenji from 20th Century Boys) plays Wataru Honjou, president and suit actor from the fictional Shimoochiai Hero Action Club.

Wataru has been doing this job for 25 years and voiced Red Dragon in the fictional show Shinryu Senshi Dragon Four. Souta Fukushi plays the young idol actor Ryuu Ichinose who lands an acting job as Dragon Black in Dragon Four. Ryuu is rather cocky and doesn’t care much about tokusatsu. When he and Honjou meet for the first time, several conflicts arise. Not only that, Wataru was supposed to portray Dragon Black until Ryuu showed up. Now he’s just Dragon Black’s suit actor. Honjou curses how the new young idol actor doesn’t seem to understand how much hard work is put into these shows. However, after a certain accident, they slowly open up and start to appreciate each others work.

Later, Ryuu auditions and receives a role in the Hollywood movie, Last Blade. However, one of the stunt actors in Last Blade decides to quit after declaring one of the stunts being too dangerous. The staff hears and tries to recruit Wataru Honjou, the best action actor in Japan, for the job.

As an actor that has been in tokusatsu before, Souta explains that he recognizes a lot of things in his role and has gone through many of it. He’s trying to apply his experiences from Kamen Rider in this movie. Souta also comments that having spent over a year with suit actors helps a lot. He and Toshiaki spent over 3 months training together in preparation for In The Hero.

Also in the movie are Tomoka Kurotani (Shinobi: Heart Under Blade) plays Misaki Oshiba, the suit actress for Dragon Blue. Sutsumu Terajima (Nintama Rantarou) as Goro Unno, the feminine suit actor for Dragon Pink and Jou Hyuuga (Ryomaden) as an Hero Action Club employee.

In The Hero is premiering in the fall of 2014, it will be written by Keiya Mizuno and Bonu Lee (EDEN) and Masaharu Take (EDEN) as the director.

SourceMantan-Web and Toei

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