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Tokusatsu Inspired Fashion


It would be difficult to argue against Japan’s status as a leading powerhouse when it comes to innovative fashion styles. From labels such as Comme des Garcon to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Japan’s street styles are as unique and creative as it can get.

In creating bright, iconic characters and super heroes for a young audience, tokusatsu costume designers seem to put in as much effort in creating unique fashion looks to represent their characters as much as their “henshin-ed” suit designers.

While Premium Bandai offers official fashion pieces, such as Kouta’s ukiyo-style blue parka, dedicated fans and cosplayers may not always be able to obtain such items as most, if not all, are available only in Japan.

However, for tokusatsu fashion aficionados, creating outfits inspired by their favorite series or character only takes a small matter of what to look for, where to find it, and how to wear it.

The Snappy-Dresser
Whether a hero or a villainous corporate manager, it would be hard to miss that character in a power suit. The key points to look for are crisp, clean lines and well-made structure.

It’s all about a well-fitted outfit. For some points and suggestions to how to style your suits, check out Details Magazine and Chriselle Lim on YouTube.


Slim fit tailored blazer, Top Shop $90 / Satin waist trousers, Mango $69.99 / Stretch broadcloth stripe long sleeve shirt, UNIQLO $20 / Satin high heels, Zara $19.99 / Heather embellished watch, Forever New $29.99 / Genesis Driver, Bandai $77

Funky and Eccentric
These characters all have a unique personality and it’ll certainly reflect in their fashion style. Contrary to popular belief, you can mix patterns. It’s all about keeping similar color palettes and balancing bolder choices with solid, classic ones.


Soft sport pant in “African Burgundy,” Garage $34.90 / Navy A mesh cropped sweater, River Island $30 / Men’s flannel check long sleeve shirt, UNIQLO $20 /“Wild Spirit” tank top, YouHeShe EUR 28.00 / Trademark five panel cap in “Tobacco Brown”, Obey $16.56 / Uprock Athletic headphones, Skullcandy $29.99 / Low top Chuck Taylor All Star in black, Converse $35-50

The Sweet Lolitas

Don’t let the soft pink and ruffles fool you. These sweet, prim, and proper characters can stand toe-to-toe with all of their snappier dressed peers. This look is all about letting your inner 1800’s royal come out.

While name brand lolita style clothing, such as Angelic Pretty, can run just as expensive, if not more, than Premium Bandai products, it’s quite simpler and more affordable to look for softer pastel colors and the whimsical details in one’s accessories.


Elite the Way Dress, Modcloth $99.99 / Tab-Sleeve Trench Coat, Tokyo Fashion, YESStyle $27.12 / Strut the Strut Bootie, Modcloth $44.99 / Metallic bow headband, Baby Gap $9.95 / Juliette headband, Forever New $16.99 / Gokaiger Mobirates, $129.99

Simply Classic

Of course, there is no tokusatsu fashion piece that makes a stronger statement than the classic, leather rider jacket.

Not every jacket is made the same. Ask yourself, do you like the feel of the fabric? Would you prefer genuine or synthetic leather? Does it give you enough room to breathe?

Most importantly, look for the right fit. This is the jacket that should give you plenty of room for your smooth, iconic henshin poses.


Peccary biker jacket, Mango $129.99 / Super slim jeans in white, Mango $39.99 / Blooming Embroidery Top, ModCloth $34.99 / Leather And Knit Driving Glove, $27.99 / Not Rated Kickin Through Boot, $55.96 / Linked chain choker, Mango $39.99

For more tokusatsu inspired fashion, follow the Tokusatsu Network Tumblr page for Tumblr exclusive content.

Library professional, co-host of the Comfort Society podcast, and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Tokusatsu Network from 2014 to 2018.

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1 Comment

  1. shane

    February 2, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    im still wanting to get a windscale fedora those looked pretty awesome

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