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Next Week On Ressha Sentai ToQger Episode 1


Next Week On Ressha Sentai ToQger Episode 1

ToQger ep 1a

The newest Sentai premieres next week with its first episode, Starting Station: Let’s Ride the Special Express Train.

ToQger ep 1b

Starting Station: Let’s Ride the Special Express Train
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Director: Shojiro Nakazawa

The Rainbow Line.
A rail line only visible to those with the power to dream and imagine. The Ressha, trains of justice, run continuously down its tracks.

The Shadow Line.
A dark line that engulfs people in fear. And the Darkliners, trains of evil that run amok.

Both lines have been in an unending battle. As a result, the Rainbow Line has lost numerous Ressha and lines. The Shadow Line’s objective is to expand darkness by creating stations on their line.

Gakisuteyama Station
Among the crying voices of kidnapped children inside a Darkliner, the Shadow Line intends to create another station.

But also, what was heard among the cries was a big…snore?!

Ressha Sentai ToQger, depart!


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