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Kikaider Reboot Details Revealed


Kikaider Reboot Details Revealed


Based on the original 1972-73 tokusatsu series, Jinzo Ningen Kikaider, the upcoming movie will reboot the series and characters for a modern interpretation of the original story.

reboot020220-year old Jingi Irie will take up the mantle of the robotic hero Kikaider, known as Jiro in his human guise. Joining Irie is actress Aimi Satsukawa, who will play his love interest Mitsuko Komyoji, daughter of Kikaider’s creator.  The story is as follows:

Kikaider was created by Nobuhiko Komyoji as part of the ARK Project. After Komyoji mysteriously dies, Kikaider begins his fight against the ARK Project, which has now lost sight of its original purpose.

Star of the original series, Ban Daisuke, will return in Reboot as a character named Kyujiro, a name formed from Kanji that can be read as “Old Jiro”.

The original series, from creator Shotaro Ishinomori, is considered a classic among the tokusatsu community, having aired in various countries, including the United States, as both a tokusatsu production and an anime. Toei producer Shinichiro Shirakura endeavors to create a hero capable of showing off both strength and kindness in this new interpretation of the series.

Kikaider REBOOT is set for a May 24th release in Japan.

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