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Yu Miyazawa Joins The Cast Of Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger

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Yu Miyazawa Joins The Cast Of Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger

Yu Miyazawa joins the cast of Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger as Sakito Homura/Bun Violet.

Actor Yu Miyazawa has joined the cast of the latest installment in the Super Sentai series, Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger. Miyazawa will portray Sakito Homura/Bun Violet (pronounced as “Boon Violet”), the addiitonal warrior of the team.

Sakito is a character who was originally born on Earth, but has traveled across space acting as a “hit man” with his partner, Bun Diesel. Using the Bun Bun Controller and calling himself a “BoonBoomger”, Sakito transforms into Bun Violet.

I’ve auditioned for tokusastu productions more than 10 times now, so to be honest, I had given up. Since it was my last chance in my 20s, I was really excited when I was selected to appear.” Miyazawa stated in an interview. Miyazawa previously portrayed Alpha, a captain of the Hundred army in episode 32 of Kamen Rider Gotchard.

Additionally, voice actor Natauki Hanae (known for his many popular voices roles, such as Tanjiro in Demon Slayer and Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul) will provide the voice of Sakito’s robotic partner, Bun Diesel AKA “Bundy”. Also a childhood fan of the Super Sentai series, Hanae was excited to tell his daughters, who are fans of BoonBoomger, about his upcoming role in the show. Hanae will also provide the voice of the Bun Bun Controller transformation device for Bun Violet.

Sakito Homura and Bundy are set to appear in episode 16 of Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger, which will air on Sunday, June 16, 2024 in Japan.

Source: Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger Offical X Account (formerly known as Twitter), Natalie

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