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Pre-Order Bonuses for Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Announced

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Pre-Order Bonuses for Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Announced

Details on pre-order bonuses for Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher have been released for various stores.

In preparation for the release of Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, various stores have announced pre-order bonuses for the game. If you pre-order the game in general before its release date, players will gain access to an exclusive skins for characters, and an item set.

The first exclusive will be of Sevenger, with it’s paint in the style of Ultraman, with a color timer to match.

The pre-order bonus Mocchi will put him in a costume resembling the SSSP, the task force from the original Ultraman series.

A set of six items also is available for those who pre-order the game. Each one can be used to help with game progression.

  • Giant Cake – Suppresses the anger of your Kaiju.
  • Gan-Q Candy – Increases your Kaiju’s accuracy.
  • Mandarin Juice – Reduces fatigue and stress for your Kaiju.
  • Silver Peach – A peach that prolongs life that can only be eaten once.
  • Kararagi Mango – Recovers fatigue.
  • Arctic Copperhead – Can be used to discipline your Kaiju.


Physical copies of the game will have a sticker attached to the shrink wrap of the package to promote the benefits. The six training items can all be obtained by progressing through the game. To get the bonuses for the digital version, you must purchase the pre-order before 11:59pm on October 19th, 2022. These bonuses may be delivered out at a later date for digital versions.

Three specific stores have announced their own pre-order bonuses, providing a Kaiju and skin for purchasing through them. These purchase bonuses through stores can also be obtained by progressing through the game as well.

Purchasing through Amazon will grant you Eleking, and a skin in the style of Alien Dada.

Purchasing through the Geo store will grant you Red King, with an Alien Baltan inspired skin.

Purchasing through the Asobi Store will grant you Alien Dada, with a Red King inspired skin.

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is set to release on October 20th, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Website

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