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Girls Remix Heroines Comment on Their Returns

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Girls Remix Heroines Comment on Their Returns

Shieri Ohata reprises her role as Tsukuyomi for the TTFC special, “Kamen Rider Jeanne and Kamen Rider Aguilera with Girls Remix,” and all of the guests share their thoughts on returning for this production.

Girls Remix Episode 3 Trailer

The final of three episodes of the TTFC special, “Kamen Rider Jeanne and Kamen Rider Aguilera with Girls Remix,” premieres via the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club on September 11.

Following the guest announcements for episode 1, episode 2 heralded the return of two notable heroines:

Kanon Fukami of Kamen Rider Ghost (left, played by Mio Kudo) and Sawa Takigawa of Kamen Rider Build (right, played by Yukari Taki).

But surprises didn’t stop there when one last guest was announced to appear in episode 3:

Tsukuyomi / Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi from Kamen Rider Zi-O with Shieri Ohata returning to reprise her role.

To top things off, here is what all of the returning heroines had to say about returning for this special:

Noa Tsurushima
(Is, Kamen Rider Zero-One)

I didn’t think I’d come back to play Is again so soon. Taking the role opened my eyes to how many series there are, and it’s a complete honor to be able to act alongside the other cast members. I really love being on set. It felt very comforting, like I was coming back home, and it didn’t feel like I had been gone for very long. I still remember the behind-the-scenes processes unique to tokusatsu, and my year or so of filming (for Kamen Rider Zero-One) felt that much more precious to me.

It’s been a long time since Zero-One was airing, but the voices of everyone who loves Is reached me. When we filmed the last episode, I said I never want Kamen Rider Zero-One to be forgotten, and it warms my heart to think about all the fans carrying on that promise.

I hope you enjoy “Girls Remix”! I worked hard to convey the unchanging feeling that AI are good. That’s one of Is’s charms.

Angela Mei
(Reika Shindai, Kamen Rider Saber)

“Girls Remix” is a production that of course features Sakura and Hana from Kamen Rider Revice, but it also features us, their predecessors as Kamen Rider heroines. After I first transformed, lots of viewers on social media shared the sentiment of wanting a production with only female Kamen Riders, and I couldn’t believe how quickly that dream would come true! I was just ecstatic when I heard this special was happening!

How would Reika, who fawns over her brother, fare in an environment of only women? I kept that in mind as we were filming. I considered that she would show emotions she couldn’t show during the TV series. And Director Sakamoto did a great job of making cool fight scenes with us female Kamen Riders! Please look forward to the special!

Hikaru Yamamoto
(Akiko Narumi, Kamen Rider W)

It’s been a long time, everyone. After 11 years, I’m back playing Akiko! I wondered when and where I’d be able to return, so I’m glad the chance has come! It’s been so long since I could play Akiko that I was very excited as I read the script. Just in case, I practiced Akiko’s character while watching Kamen Rider W at home. (laughs)

So many heroines are appearing in this special! It smells so nice on set… (chuckle)

There will be all these fragrant-smelling heroines, but they’re not just there to look cute! Please give it a watch!

Ruka Mastuda
(Poppy Pipopapo, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid)

It’s been years since Ex-Aid was on air, so I worried a little about if I could play the Poppy everyone remembers. However, all my worries disappeared as soon as I put on her outfit. The nostalgia was such a mysterious feeling, like nothing had changed.

Until recently, transforming into Kamen Riders was a privilege mostly for boys, but it’s so wonderful that girls can transform and fight side by side to uphold peace.

This production, “Girls Remix,” really brings out everyone’s charm: their strengths, their personalities, and their fighting styles. Don’t miss this! There are a lot of scenes to get hyped up over whether you’ve seen Ex-Aid or if you’re just a general tokusatsu fan!

Yuko Takayama
(Rinko Daimon, Kamen Rider Wizard)

From the bottom of my heart, I’m happy I was called to be brought in for a Kamen Rider 50th anniversary production! It’s been a long time since I’ve come back for something Kamen Rider-related, but every time, I’ve been met warmly on set and my love for the series is renewed. It’s so rare for there to be a production like this where all of the actors are women. There are so many more male Kamen Riders, but we went into filming with the mindset that us girls won’t lose out! And it’s Kamen Rider Wizard‘s 10-year anniversary this year. I’m so grateful for the support from the fans during this time. Here’s to Kamen Rider Wizard and the continuation of the Kamen Rider series!

Hiroe Igeta
(Kamen Rider Valkyrie (voice), Kamen Rider Zero-One)

Valkyrie after the Zero-One Others V-Cinexts is so cool, and I fell in love with the design all over again. However, it’s been so long since I’ve been in the booth that I almost forgot how after recording was done, but they let me retake lines again and again until I felt that I got it right. It was very nostalgic.

This is a great chance to see my beloved Kamen Rider Valkyrie in action, so whether you’ve seen Kamen Rider Zero-One or not, it would make me happy if you enjoyed her!

Yukari Taki
(Sawa Takigawa, Kamen Rider Build)

It’s been four years since Kamen Rider Build stopped airing, and I didn’t think I’d get to relive Sawa again. At the same time, it was so wonderful and made me so happy that they called me back for “Girls Remix,” a production where it’s girls fighting. Besides Kamen Rider Build, I played Aoi Katsuragi in Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel (2011) and Mari Shirase in Kamen Rider Ghost (2015). Reading the script reminded me of those roles, and I’m grateful for those feelings. And it’s thanks to Director Sakamoto from my time on Kamen Rider Accel, so this feels like fate at work. I think this is the first time ever that Sawa Takigawa’s fought on camera, and I feel that’s thanks to Sakamoto too! (laughs) Until now, we’ve been looking at the backs of more burly Riders, but now, it’s giving me goosebumps because of how showy yet sweet these (female) Riders look from behind. It’s truly my honor to be in productions lots of Kamen Rider fans can enjoy.

Mio Kudo
(Kanon Fukami, Kamen Rider Ghost)

I’m so happy I also get to be among the assembled female Kamen Riders, and I’m so moved to fight alongside past heroines and people of other worlds! “Girls Remix” is a production where everyone watching can enjoy our great points to their hearts’ content: the strength, the beauty, and the cuteness of all of our characters.

And with Sakamoto as the director… The action…! And Kanon has gotten stronger! It feels like she’s grown up! You can’t just watch the TV series, you have to see what comes after with her!! Everyone’s character is presented faithfully… and they’re packed with cuteness! (laughs)

Shieri Ohata
(Tsukuyomi, Kamen Rider Zi-O)

When I was offered a part in “Girls Remix,” the thought of playing Tsukuyomi again made me so happy. Nothing can top how fun it was to act alongside past Kamen Rider heroines, my predecessors. It’s been a long time since I’ve done an action scene with the FaizPhone so I worried if I could keep up, but I was relieved when Director Sakamoto commended me. As is typical of Kamen Rider, there are many cool scenes, but there are cute scenes too because of the heroines. There are many precious moments, so please watch for them.

“In the field of battle, flowers bloom.”

Episode 1 Synopsis

As women who can all transform into Kamen Riders, Reika Shindai, Is, Poppy Pipopapo, Sakura, and Hana are called upon to gather at the Shiawase Yu bath house by Akiko Narumi to aid in her investigation. The women are excited to meet each other, but Hana is the only one who does not share in their joy, troubled by a letter she received from her older sister. Unsure of whether or not to meet with her sister Yuriko, Hana leaves Shiawase Yu, dragging Akiko with her. At this time, the mysterious organization Black Satan appears to usher in Hana as head of the organization! Seeing Hana caught in a pinch, Sakura fights her way through to protect her friend…

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