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GQ Interviews Kamen Rider Zero-One’s Satsuki Nakayama About Transgender Issues

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GQ Interviews Kamen Rider Zero-One’s Satsuki Nakayama About Transgender Issues

Men’s magazine GQ interviewed Kamen Rider Zero-One‘s Satsuki Nakayama among other trans artists, activists, and creators regarding transgender issues around the world.

In the wake of trans rights at the forefront of news worldwide, men’s magazine GQ interviewed 11 trans artists, activists, and creators regarding the state of transgender issues around the globe. Included among them is Satsuki Nakayama, known among tokusatsu fans for playing Naki / Kamen Rider Naki in Kamen Rider Zero-One. He came out as transgender in his photoessay titled “Asexual” in September 2021 and gave an interview about his journey of identity not long after.

Nakayama’s answers to GQ shed a light on how his life has changed since coming out.

GQ: How has your personal style evolved since you became more vocal about your identity?

Nakayama: I used to wear lots of men’s clothes and didn’t really show my skin, like I would put on a long shirt to cover my arms in summer. Since I’ve started transitioning, I wear a t-shirt any time I want. It’s not so much of ‘pulling off a masculine style’ anymore, but more natural to wear men’s fashion for me now.

GQ: What professional obstacles have you had to overcome as a trans person?

Nakayama: I started to work more with cis male actors. It’s not easy to be completely comfortable with that, but I enjoy doing it. Because I don’t want to be ‘The Transgender,’ I want to be seen as a man.

We are not only dealing with transsexuality when we talk about genders. There are more issues out here. I was fortunate enough to have an accepting environment around me, so I haven’t gone through a lot. We need more understanding from the surroundings. Even if transgender doesn’t make sense to you, I think we all know how to be aware of and show empathy for each other.

Source: GQ

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