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Don Murasame’s DX Ninjark Sword Available For Pre-Order

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Don Murasame’s DX Ninjark Sword Available For Pre-Order

Premium Bandai has announced the DX Ninjark Sword, the weapon of the evil Avataro Sentai Donbrothers ranger, Don Murasame. The sword is now available for pre-order until mid-August, 2022.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers recently introduced the shark-themed evil ranger, Don Murasame, with his voice actor having just been revealed this month. Now, Don Murasame’s weapon, the DX Ninjark Sword, is on sale from Premium Bandai, and it comes with three additional Avataro Gears based on Super Sentai rangers with a shark motif.

The DX Ninjark Sword will come with the VulShark, GaoBlue, and Zyuoh Shark Avataro Gears which are also compatible with the DX DonBlaster to unlock unique special attacks. By spinning a gear four times in the DX Ninjark Sword and pulling the trigger, an Avatar Change or Alter Change sound will activate. After the transformation sound, holding down the trigger while spinning the gear will activate special attack sounds.

The DX Ninjark Sword is available for 6,050 yen with tax. It will be available from Premium Bandai until August 17, 2022, and it’s expected to ship in December, 2022.

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