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Kaiju Decode Enters the Tsuburaya Imagination Library


Kaiju Decode Enters the Tsuburaya Imagination Library

Kaiju Decode, an anime collaboration project between Toei Animation and Tsuburaya Productions, is now available to watch on Tsuburaya Production’s streaming service Tsuburaya Imagination.


During the livestream of Tsuburaya Convention 2021 on December 13, it was announced that Kaiju Decode, a CG anime collaboration between Toei Animation and Tsuburaya Productions, would be available to watch through Tsuburaya Imagination, Tsuburaya Productions’ subscription streaming service.

Shown at several film festivals across the world and receiving four awards, Kaiju Decode will be available to watch for standard and premium subscribers of Tsuburaya Imagination.


In the disaster known as “Skyfall”, an orbiting space colony is destroyed and falls to Earth. Due to genetic mutation, monsters begin to inhabit the crater made by the fallen colony. Not knowing anything, Ray arrives at the location as an avatar. He is there to collect the scattered “seeds” when he meets the mysterious girl Mildred.

(left) Ray, (right) Mildred


  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Ray
  • Marika Kouno as Mildred
  • Mayumi Shintani as Zora
  • Aya Yamane as the real Ray


  • DirectorS/N
  • Screenplay: Tetsuya Yamada
  • Music: Tadahiko Inoue
  • Animation: ARECT

Kaiju Decode -first contact-

In addition to the short film entering Tsuburaya Imagination’s media library, the virtual reality work “Kaiju Decode -first contact-” is available to download for Oculus at Meta Quest.

A visual for the kaiju Uku (ウーク), which appears in “Kaiju Decode -first contact-“, was also revealed during Tsuburaya Convention 2021. Designed by Masayuki Gotoh from Tsuburaya Productions, more images and sketches of Uku can be seen at the Kaiju Decode homepage.

Visual for Uku

Sources: Tsuburaya ProductionsKaiju Decode Homepage

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