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Bioman Actor Ryosuke Sakamoto Announces Recovery From Cancer

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Bioman Actor Ryosuke Sakamoto Announces Recovery From Cancer

Choudenshi Bioman’s Red One actor Ryosuke Sakamoto is now free from esophageal cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2016.

On August 27, 2016, Choudenshi Bioman actor Ryosuke Sakamoto was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. In a recent blog post, fellow Bioman actress Michiko Makino shared the news that Sakamoto is now fully free from the cancer, having been in remission for five years.

On her blog, Makino wrote:

More than anything, I thought he looked well. On his way home from the Tsukiji Cancer Center, it seems like they confirmed that it’s been five years without recurrence. He recovered from very advanced esophogal cancer.

“I’m great,” he said.

By fate, five of us protected the Earth together for a year. I’m thankful that the five of us can keep in touch even now.

Source: Michiko Makino’s blog

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