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Weekly Playboy Features Past and Present Kamen Rider Heroines

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Weekly Playboy Features Past and Present Kamen Rider Heroines

Issue No. 39・40 of Weekly Playboy features photos and interviews of various Kamen Rider actresses as well as several columns on different topics related to Kamen Rider.

Issue No.39・40 of Weekly Playboy celebrates the 50th anniversary of Kamen Rider with a “Kamen Rider Heroine Special Edition”. This issue includes new photoshoots of previous and current Kamen Rider heroines.

Returning actresses with new photoshoots for the issue include:

  • Kamen Rider Saber‘s Asuka Kawazu (Mei Sudo)
  • Kamen Rider Ghost‘s Mio Kudo (Kanon Fukami)
  • Kamen Rider Gaim‘s Yuumi Shida (Mai Takatsukasa)
  • Kamen Rider OOO‘s Riho Takada (Hina Izumi)
  • Kamen Rider W‘s Hikaru Yamamoto (Akiko Narumi)

Returning actresses with interviews include

  • Kamen Rider Wizard‘s Yuko Takayama (Rinko Daimon)
  • Kamen Rider OOO‘s Honioi Hanagi (Mezool)
  • Kamen Rider Kiva‘s Nana Yanagisawa (Megumi Aso)
  • Kamen Rider Den-O‘s Wakana Matsumoto (Airi Nogami)
  • Kamen Rider 555‘s Yuria Haga (Mari Sonoda)

Various topics on Kamen Rider past and present are also included! These include:

  • an interview with Ayaka Imoto and Yui Asakura (Sakura Igarashi and Aguilera in Kamen Rider Revice respectively),
  • an interview with Kentaro Maeda (Ikki Igarashi / Kamen Rider Revi in Kamen Rider Revice),
  • Interview with Kamen Rider Revice‘s Chief Producer Taku Mochizuki on “Destroying what a Kamen Rider series is”,
  • “The Philosophy of a Suit Actor”, an interview with the Japan Action Enterprise (JAE) President on life as a suit actor,
  • The History of Kamen Rider Bikes! A full color 8 page spread

This issue of Weekly Playboy went on sale in Japan on September 13th, 2021 for 540 yen. 

Sources: Weekly Playboy Lady Eve

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