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Tatsuhisa Suzuki Announces Hiatus From The Entertainment Industry

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Tatsuhisa Suzuki Announces Hiatus From The Entertainment Industry

Tatsuhisa Suzuki, the voice behind Gege in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger and Kotaro Higashi in the Neflix ULTRAMAN series, announces his hiatus from the entertainment industry.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki, the voice of Gege in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, has recently come to announce his hiatus from the entertainment industry. In a statement released by Suzuki’s agency I’m Enterprise, the musician and voice actor is taking a hiatus due to his poor health conditions. Currently there is no word as to how Suzuki’s hiatus will effect the production of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger.

Suzuki was also to be a part of the upcoming season 2 of the Netflix ULTRAMAN series, as the voice of Kotaro Higashi/Ultraman Taro. Suzuki has also offered to step down from his role as Higashi in the series, and will not appear at the season 2 kickoff event taking place on August 24th. This kickoff event, now titled “Anime Ultraman Season 2 Kick Off Event” had its name changed due to Suzuki being referenced as appearing with the cast in the prior title.  At this time the anime production staff is discussing how to address Higashi’s character.

Suzuki is also sings as a member of the group OLDCODEX, and has performed the opening theme song to the Netflix ULTRAMAN series.

Sources: Anime News Network, I’m Enterprise, Yahoo Japan

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