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Shin Kamen Rider Filming Preparation has Begun


Shin Kamen Rider Filming Preparation has Begun

The official Shin Kamen Rider Twitter account reveals initial production images and photos.

The official Shin Kamen Rider Twitter account has revealed that various areas of production have begun.
Below, a preparatory draft has been written.

“Today is the birthday of Takeshi Hongo, the first Kamen Rider!

The initial draft of Shin Kamen Rider has been written.

We have started quietly preparing for filming while keeping infections in mind.

Please look forward to the film!”

Shin Kamen Rider’s Tachibana Racing Club logo design has also been revealed. The logo was designed the film’s writer and director, Hideaki Anno.

“Today is Bike Day!

We have also started modeling various designs for the film’s new bikes.

We are experimenting with different placements of the logo and license plate.

Preparation for filming has begun.

We strive to prevent any infection as well as practice safe driving.

Please look forward to the film!”

For comparison, this is an updated version of the classic Tachibana Racing Club Logo. 

The Tachibana Racing club was lead by Takeshi Hongo’s racing mentor, Tobei Tachibana. The logo for the club later became the official emblem for the Double Riders. 

Shin Kamen Rider is tentatively set to release in March 2023.

Source: Twitter

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