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Saved by the Belial: Ultraseven #3: “Them’s the grapes” feat. Rob of Tokyo Lives


Saved by the Belial: Ultraseven #3: “Them’s the grapes” feat. Rob of Tokyo Lives

Does ‘them’s the grapes’ make sense? Absolutely not. Neither does the majority of this episode. GUYS, Sally go!

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This is what you get when Rob from Tokyo Lives joins the Belial Buds: Mustaches. Motorcycles. Mullets. Monsters. ultraMEN. Too MANY jokes about buttholes. M’s the word. Also, I just came up with Belial Buds. This needs to be a shirt.

Make sure to listen to our previous Ultraseven episode here (ep. 1) and here (ep. 2).

Episodes covered:

21. Pursue the Undersea Base

22. The Human Farm

23. Search for Tomorrow

24. Return to the North!

25. Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero

26. Super Weapon R1

27. Operation Cyborg

28. The 700 Kilometer Run

29. The Earthling All Alone

Where to watch:

Saved by the Belial: An Atrocious Ultraman Podcast can be found on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher. For more information about the podcast, you can head to their website. Thanks for checking out the show!

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