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Tokusatsu Actresses in Xstream 46’s Welcome to Toei’s Murder Studio


Tokusatsu Actresses in Xstream 46’s Welcome to Toei’s Murder Studio

Nashiko Momotsuki, Rio Teramoto, and Haruka Kudo will star in Xstream46’s third production Welcome to Toei’s Murder Studio. The movie will be available to stream pay-per-view starting August 13.

Xstream46’s third production Welcome to Toei’s Murder Studio (romanized title: Youkoso Toei Satsueijo e) will star three past tokusatsu actresses:

  • Nashiko Momotsuki (Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Yodonna)
  • Rio Teramoto (Girl Gun Lady, Lady Commander Bianca)
  • Haruka Kudo (Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Umika Hayami / Lupin Yellow)



Saki (Momotsuki), Kaho (Teramoto), and Mei (Kudo) are members of the idol group Wish, and they aren’t doing well. However, they receive an offer to star in the sequel to the blockbuster Japanese horror film Yugami led by Director Yamamoto! The shooting location is Toei Studio, birthplace of various famous movies and dramas. The girls are ecstatic to be in the same location used by various heroes and monsters (not to mention fancy on-site box lunches). This is a chance they can’t let slip by, a chance to start anew! However, this studio is also home to a secret…

From Nashiko Momotsuki (Saki)

I play Saki, the leader of the idol group Wish. I’m a casual idol fan, and I couldn’t believe that I get to play an idol here! Even better, I get to be part of an idol group with the adorable Rio Teramoto and Haruka Kudo!

I’ve said in the past that I wanted a role in a horror film where my character helps her friends, and with this being a horror film, will this be a chance to check that off? Or am I playing a different role entirely…?

We film all over Toei Studio, so fans of Toei productions can look forward to recognizing locations. Look forward to what we do as Wish too! #WishWillWin!

From Rio Teramoto (Kaho)

Kaho is always reserved and walks a step behind others. Will she face the many horrors unfolding in Toei Studio, or will she ultimately run away? This is my first time in a horror film and in a Toei production, and filming went smoothly thanks to the experienced Nashiko and Haruka! Please enjoy Toei Studio’s horrors and our escape!

From Haruka Kudo

After spending a year performing there in 2018 [on Lupinranger vs Patrenger], I really got to know Toei Studio. Being filmed here again felt very much like I’d come back home. This isn’t so much as a jump-scare horror film but more like a psycho-horror full of mental elements. Keep to the edge of your seat as you watch this!


Welcome to Toei’s Murder Studio has been available digitally via EST since July 9 and will be available on various streaming services for TVOD starting August 13 such as the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club (for subscribers), TELASA, Paravi.

Source: Toei News

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