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Riku Sanjo and Hideaki Tsukada Discuss Fuuto PI At Annecy Film Festival


Riku Sanjo and Hideaki Tsukada Discuss Fuuto PI At Annecy Film Festival

Scriptwriter Riku Sanjo and Toei executive producer Hideaki Tsukada discuss the upcoming Fuuto PI anime series.

The panel at the 2021 Annecy Film Festival for the upcoming Fuuto PI anime series featured a discussion between Toei executive producer Hideaki Tsukada and scriptwriter Riku Sanjo. Sanjo has also been involved in writing the story for the manga sequel set after the events of the television series Kamen Rider W.

Kamen Rider W scriptwriter Riku Sanjo spoke of how the creative team tried to stick as closely to the original story elements of Kamen Rider as possible. Sanjo further stated how the freedom of writing the story for a manga format allowed them to write and establish story elements that they were unable to do on television. Sanjo, alongside Toei executive producer Hideaki Tsukada, also stated their hope that the animated format and the stories aimed at older audiences will be able to introduce new international fans to Kamen Rider.


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