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Independent Tokusatsu Film HE-LOW THE FINAL Reaches Funding Goal


Independent Tokusatsu Film HE-LOW THE FINAL Reaches Funding Goal

HE-LOW THE FINAL, a third film in the HE-LOW series, reached its funding goal on the platform Motion Gallery.

On May the 25th, a Motion Gallery fundraiser was launched for the third and final movie in the HE-LOW series, called HE-LOW THE FINALHE-LOW is an independent tokusatsu movie series directed by Hassei Takano, who played Miyuki Tezuka in Kamen Rider Ryuki and Hiroya Fujimiya in Ultraman Gaia. The fundraiser has reached its goal with seven days remaining.

From the fundraiser page, a summary of HE-LOW THE FINAL‘s plot:

Satoshi Takami, the mega-sized hero Ult-roman, is engaged in a fierce battle with a giant monster, but somehow his mega-size undoes itself in the middle of the battle! “Why can’t I become giant?…” Despite Takami’s struggles, Akagi becomes overjoyed at his success as a streamer, while the gambling addict Motooka disappears for some reason… While Aliens plot to invade Earth, will Takami be able to become a giant again? Will Akagi be able to regain his sense of justice? What is Motooka up to? Will they be able to regain their heroism? And can they protect the Earth?

Takano began production on HE-LOW alongside fellow actors and staff who co-starred in past tokusatsu media, under the theme of ‘what we really want to shoot’. As such, the cast and staff feature many famous actors, including Takamasa Suga, who played Shinji Kido in Kamen Rider Ryuki, and Takeshi Yokiosha, who played Gamu Takayama in Ultraman Gaia. The screenplay will be written by Megumi Taguchi, who has written for the Garo series.

Source: Motion Gallery

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