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HE-LOW Sequel Receives Public Screening


HE-LOW Sequel Receives Public Screening

The sequel to the independent Tokusatsu film HE-LOW, which features several Kamen Rider actors, had its first official public viewing.

HE-LOW The Second, the sequel to the crowdfunded film HE-LOW, had a public viewing on Saturday August 3rd. Director Hassei Takano (Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider The First), and multiple other actors who appeared in the film were there as well for a stage greeting. This independent film was community backed, reaching a total of ¥8,419,009, well past its ¥3,000,000 goal. The sequel features Kamen Rider Ryuki‘s Takamasa Suga and Kamen Rider Blade‘s Takayuki Tsubaki.

Crowdfunding began for the first HE-LOW film in 2017. The film received well over its ¥1,000,000 goal, reaching a total of ¥10,691,055 by the end date of the crowdfunding. Director Hassei Takano of  always had the dream of making his own Tokusatsu film since he first got into the industry. His film, HE-LOW, took a lot of inspiration from mainline Tokusatsu, while including comedy in it as well. Along with Hassei, other actors from Tokusatsu appeared in the film as well:

Takaya Aoyagi: Makoto Asamura (Kamen Rider Drive), Jugglus Juggler (Ultraman Orb)

Takeshi Yoshioka: Gamu Takayama (Ultraman Gaia)

The first HE-LOW film focuses around Shusuke Akagi, whose been defeated by the antagonist of the film and now lives as a performer for the antagonist hero show. After reuniting with his team and encountering the mainstream Tokusatsu actors, they all work together to take the world back from evil.

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