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Meiku Harukawa Cast in Ultraman Trigger

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Meiku Harukawa Cast in Ultraman Trigger

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Tsubaraya released new casting information for Ultraman Trigger yesterday, along with images of the new mech ‘GUTS Falcon’.

Tsubaraya has released new casting information for Ultraman Trigger, as well as images of the new GUTS-Select mech, the GUTS Falcon. Meiku Harukawa will play Himari Nanase, the operations specialist who pilots the combat mech GUTS Falcon. Harukawa previously played Hiyori in Ultraman Ginga S.

Multipurpose Unmanned Convertible Droader “GUTS Falcon”


The GUTS Falcon is a combat mech kept in the mothership of GUTS-Select, the Nursedessei. Himari, who holds the title of ‘Falcon Specialist’, pilots it remotely from the Nursedessei’s bridge. It is a convertible mech with two forms: ‘Flight mode’ as its standard aircraft form, and ‘Hyper mode’ for combat against monsters low in the air or on land.

Himari Nanase

Calm and collected, she is a woman of few words – when she controls the GUTS Falcon, however, her passionate fire is revealed.

Below is Harukawa’s comment from Tsubaraya:

Ginga S taught me the most fundamental point of filming, that “the camera mustn’t stop just for you”.
7 years since then, moving from underground to the control room, I’ve come back again to the world of Ultraman! I’m Meiku Harukawa, and I will play Himari Nanase, the operator of the GUTS Falcon. From the rather unique position of the control chair, I will have a very, very exciting challenge ahead of me. I have no doubt whatsoever that this will be an exciting story which will develop its characters (and monsters) to show not only the coolness of its heroes, but also highlight the tenderness and the charm of its characters too. I will do my best to get on board both the Falcon, and also on board with fan’s hopes for the series!

Source: Tsubaraya

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