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Kei Hosogai Cast in Ultraman Trigger


Kei Hosogai Cast in Ultraman Trigger

Tsubaraya announced the casting of Gokaiger alum Kei Hosogai in Ultraman Trigger as well as more information on the show’s opening and ending themes.

Tsubaraya has released the news that Kei Hosogai will play Ignis, an intrepid treasure hunter, in the upcoming series Ultraman Trigger. New information has also been provided about the opening and closing songs.


Ignis is a treasure hunter who travels the galaxy for ‘top-class’ treasures. A mysterious man, he hails from the planet Lishuria. Lishurians seem indistinguishable from humans – until they get excited or emotional when the difference becomes clear. Ignis’ travels in pursuit of treasure bring him to Earth, and he becomes involved with GUTS-Select.

Ignis will be played by Kei Hosogai. Hosogai made his acting debut in the 2008 musical The Prince of Tennis. He has previously acted in the tokusatsu series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger as Basco Ta Jolokia.

Below is Hosogai’s comment from Tsubaraya:

Nice to meet you!

My name is Kei Hosogai, and I’m excited to be playing the role of Ignis in Ultraman Trigger.

Getting to play a starring role in the Ultraman series, with its pioneering role in the world of tokusatsu, is an honor beyond my wildest dreams.

Especially for this festive occasion of Ultraman’s 55th anniversary, I’ll be doing my best to give this series as much pizzazz as possible!

I’m Ignis, number one treasure hunter in the universe!

Time to hunt some top-class treasures!

Song Themes

The opening song for Ultraman Trigger is “Trigger” by Takao Sakuma. Previously the lead vocalist for Fo’xtails, Sakuma made his debut with the ending song for Kuroko’s Basketball.

Below is Sakuma’s comment from Tsubaraya:

I’m overflowing with gratitude at the enormous honor of getting to do the main theme song for Ultraman Trigger, carrying on the grand tradition of Ultraman as a hero both for Japan and the world.

When I read the screenplay, it got me so amped up, I just let that passion explode right into the song. I hope this song motivates you all to overcome any obstacle in your path. I hope you all enjoy this song for Ultraman Trigger to the fullest!

The ending song is “Rainbow Seeds” by ChouCho. Choucho made her major debut with the opening song for Heaven’s Memo Pad. Since then, she has performed many hit songs for anime including Mashiroiro Symphony and Girls und Panzer.

Below is ChouCho’s comment from Tsubaraya:

I never imagined that one day I’d be getting to make music for Ultraman, so when I received word I was ecstatic!

I created the ending song thinking of the children, finding in them inspiration for the theme: limitless possibility. With this song coming at the conclusion of each episode, my aim was to send viewers off in high spirits with a song that would bring hope to everyone.

I hope you enjoy this ending song along with the series!

Source: Tsubaraya

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