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Ultraman Trigger Casts Shunya Kaneko as GUTS-Select Engineer Akito Hijiri


Ultraman Trigger Casts Shunya Kaneko as GUTS-Select Engineer Akito Hijiri

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Shunya Kaneko has been cast as GUTS-Select Engineer Akito Hijiri, a rival to the protagonist of Ultraman Trigger.

On April 29, Tsuburaya Productions announced 21-year-old actor Shunya Kaneko will star in the upcoming Ultraman Trigger.

Playing Akito Hijiri, Kaneko’s character is the engineer at the head of development at the GUTS-Select team. Possessing great intelligence, Akito designed and developed the Sparklence transformation device, as well as many of the other gadgets used by GUTS-Select. Being only 18-years-old, he goes to the same high school as Yuna Shizuma, who he has a crush on.

The young actor has commented discussing his history of the franchise growing up with Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Ultraman Leo, while being honored to star in this anniversary show. He ends his comment by saying, “I will do my best to bring inspiration and courage to everyone who watches. Let’s head towards the new light together.”

Ultraman Trigger will begin airing on Saturday, July 10, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. (JST).

Source: Tsuburaya Productions

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