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Tokusatsu April Fools 2021 Roundup


Tokusatsu April Fools 2021 Roundup

Here are some of this year’s notable April 1st gags from official tokusatsu productions. 

Paty Cafe, a real life location used in the series Lupinranger VS Patranger, changed its profile picture to that of the location in the show, Bistrot Jurer. Their tweet shows a photo of the locatio0n with a hashtag indicating they changed their profile picture.

Gulf and Gallia, enemy characters from the Dogengers show, reveal through short videos that they have swapped bodies with each other.

Also from Dogengers, Ohga-Man is revealed to be the star of a new show called Let’s Go with Ohga-Man, which airs April 11th. In actuality, Dogengers ~Nice Buddy~ is what airs on that date.

Kita-Q Man, local hero in Kitakyushu City in the Fukuoka Prefecture, changed his profile to say “What did I write here before April Fool’s Day?”

Most notable is Toei’s reveal for Kamen Rider Zero-One. The character Gaia Amatsu (Kamen Rider Thouser) reveals a new documentary called Kamen Rider Thouser: THE PRESIDENT, announcing his new company, Thouser-Intellion…

Announced yesterday, the establishment of new company Thouser-Intellion, and Kamen Rider Thouser: THE PRESIDENT.

In response to many misunderstandings that the information is for April Fools Day, we would like to apologize and explain the truth from the president of Thouser-Intellion Co. Ltd., Gai Amatsu.

Please see the press conference video for details.

The video features Gai Amatsu succumbing to some kind of physical pain, followed by a logo exiting his body; Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents.

In actuality, the project is a callback. Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents was a previous April Fools title image revealed by Toei in 2018. The original announcement read:

New Ex-Aid release!

Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents

The four big presidents of that company get it all together! Masamune Dan, Kuroto Dan, Ren Amagasaki, and Tsukuru Koboshi rise to change the world!! At that time, the shareholders…!?

To be released and become out-of-print in 2020!

In actuality, the new spinoff will be a crossover featuring Kamen Rider Thouser fighting Kamen Rider Genm. Toei previously announced Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Brain as a fake April Fools gag, then later, in 2020, released it as an actual two-part spinoff on the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club – the same release format will be given to Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents.

Source: Twitter

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