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Zenkaiger’s Kiita Komagine Gives Insight into the 45th Super Sentai

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Zenkaiger’s Kiita Komagine Gives Insight into the 45th Super Sentai

Kiita Komagine talks about the newest series Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger and his role as Kaito Goshikida.

ORICON NEWS interviewed Kiita Komagine, the lead actor in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger to talk about his role, what the audition process was like, and much more.

What kind of show is Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger?

The main character is Kaito Goshikida, who becomes an unusual hero. Alongside four robot heroes, they make up the Zenkaigers. Also, when you think of Super Sentai, the color red pops into your head. But this time, we have Zenkaizer, who is causing quite the stir. I think it’s all really interesting.

Within all the parallel worlds, Kikaitopia, a world comprised of mechanical lifeforms, becomes fused into our human world. The story begins when the Kikainoids, the name of the mechanical lifeforms, come to our world and the evil organization called Tojitendo, traps all the other parallel worlds into gears. The Zenkaigers stand against them and fight to save the trapped worlds and many others.

What kind of character is Goshikida?

He’s obsessed with being the world’s first at something. No matter what he faces, he goes all in “full-force full-throttle”. People say “that’s crazy” when they hear that, and they’re right, he is crazy (laughs).

However, once he decides to do something just once, he goes all in. I respect Goshikida in that aspect. When the Kikainoids showed up, Kaito was able to quickly open up with them.

I think that kind of disposition makes him a hero. While there are trials in portraying him, I hope that people will look at Goshikida and say “heroes like him exist”.

What kind of traits do you share with him?

We both don’t put a lot of thought into things (laughs). Probably the fact that we both don’t listen to what others have to say. We’re the same in that aspect, and I had an easy time portraying that in my acting (laughs). Also, we both enjoy new things. We share a lot in common.

What was the response like upon being cast?

During the press announcement, I received a lot of kind words from Super Sentai fans and people who know me.

I received one “Happy New Year” message this year. But after that announcement, I received 50 “Happy New Year” messages after checking my phone. I made sure to reply with a thank you.

What did your parents think when you were cast?

When I called my mom and dad, they were so happy that they cried. That day, I felt really glad that I get to do this.

I really want to work hard so I can make more people around me happy.

In the Zenkaiger, besides Goshikida, the four Kikainoids have great personalities.

We filmed the opening some time ago, and whenever there’s only one camera, everyone worries about their reflection. I kept wondering if I was in the shot. Since the Kikainoids have big bodies, I would sometimes hide behind them (laughs).

I would say things like “I’m hiding!” or “I’m not really in the shot if I go this way” during the filming.

The suit actors carry the character so I believe that they should be front and center. But, I am the newbie and the lead actor so I wonder if it’d be okay if they make me stand out more. But I also want to appear in the front so I’m going to work hard.

Tell us about Ikue Sakakibara and a behind the scene.

That was when Ikue Sakakibara (portrays Yatsude) began filming for the series. On her very first day, she had to appear in an explosion scene and I thought that must’ve been very tough. But then bam! During the camera check, she was all ” show me! show me!” She always looks like she’s having a blast. And I think that’s the secret of why she’s so loved. You gotta love her.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The Movie: All Red Daishuukai premiered ahead of the TV series. Is there any red that you watched that made you all happy inside? 

I loved Gaoranger and Dekaranger so I was pretty hyped when they showed up. And not to mention Akaranger from Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. He’s the center origin for the Super Sentai series. Among all the reds, his aura was different. He was so cool. He brought in excitement.

I have an attachment to Akaranger since he and Zenkaizer’s designs are so similar. He’s also rounder in design so he looked cute.

What kind of hero do you want to be in the next year?

I want to continue being true to myself. Not being swayed by anything. Like Kaito Goshikida, I want to run towards my goal the moment I set my sights on them.

I want to be a proper hero that everyone looks up to, even after the series ends.

Source: ORICON

Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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