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Shin Ultraman Release Delayed


Shin Ultraman Release Delayed

Tsuburaya has released an official statement announcing that the upcoming film, Shin Ultraman, will not release in the early Summer of 2021.

In an official English statement, Tsuburaya Productions has confirmed production delays have caused Shin Ultraman‘s early Summer 2021 release to be cancelled. A new release schedule has not yet been announced.

“Due to delays in the production schedule caused by COVID-19, we will not be releasing Shin Ultraman in theaters in the early summer of 2021 as planned and will instead formulate a new release schedule. Our staff members are earnestly working on the production. We hope that you continue to look forward to its release.”

ln its statement, Tsuburaya relayed its sympathies to the victims of COVID-19 and its gratitude to healthcare and essential workers. Further updates on the release schedule will be announced via the official Tsuburaya Productions official website and social media accounts.

The trailer for Shin Ultraman, a film honoring the 55th anniversary of Ultraman, was revealed last month along with the cast and crew. Saitoh Takumi will play the main character who will become Ultraman. The film is being written and produced by Hideaki Anno and directed by Shinji Higuchi.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions via ULTRAMAN Global

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