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Kamen Rider Build’s Atsuhiro Inukai Appears in NHK Drama

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Kamen Rider Build’s Atsuhiro Inukai Appears in NHK Drama

Atsuhiro Inukai reprises his role in the NHK Drama Yappari Oshii Keiji.

Atsuhiro Inukai has reprised his role in the series Yappari Oshii Keiji, the sequel to Oshii Keiji which aired in 2019. He portrays the character Tooru Yokode, the partner of the main character Takafumi Oshii (portrayed by Shunsuke Kazama).

Synopsis and Characters

Takafumi Oshii is a detective with brilliant deductive skills. However, his credit is always unexpectedly taken away at the end by another detective. Meanwhile, his partner Tooru Yokode is always thinking about meeting girls at a mixer and has zero interest in detective work or getting ahead in life. However, he always gets the recognition for capturing the suspect thanks to his partner Oshii’s blunders in almost capturing them themselves.

The main character’s last name, Oshii, is a pun that means close but not quite. Likewise, Tooru Yokode’s name (when written as surname and then first name) is a pun that means “to take (the win) while standing by”.

Yappari Oshii Keiji (translated as sure enough he’s the almost but not quite detective) is the sequel series to the 2019 drama Oshii Keiji (translated as close but not quite detective). The episode premiered on March 7, 2021, and will have a total of eight episodes.

Source: Mantan-Web

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