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Ryusoulger Returns Once More in Kiramager VS Ryusoulger


Ryusoulger Returns Once More in Kiramager VS Ryusoulger

A surprise trailer was revealed at the end of Mashin Sentai Kiramager, revealing the new movie. 

Yodonna is producing the 27th entry in the VS series?! Kiramagers and Ryusoulgers will take part in a series of super battles across various movie worlds.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager VS Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger has been revealed!

The Kiramager team just pulled off their super moving finale, and the Ryusoulger team are back for a chaotic uproar!

Please look forward to the Sparkles of the team up and unexpected developments between them and the people we’ve been waiting on!

Plot summary:

Juru, who was by himself working on an entry for a painting contest, meets Kou from the Ryusoul Tribe. Kou and the other Ryusoulger join Juru at the theater where Tamatomo and the others are investigating Yodonna. Yodonna takes the Ryusoulger and Mabushina into the world of her movies!

Everyone but Kanalo and Takamichi have been sucked into the world of movies! Sena and Towa are in an action movie, Shiguru and Bamba are in period pieces, Sayo and Asuna, Melt and Tametomo are in a gambling movie while Kou and Juru are in a coming of age love story! When the movies are released, the world will fall into the same state as Yodonheim. The teams unite in an unexpected battle where shining and chivalry combine!

The movie is confirmed to be directed by famed Power Rangers and Super Sentai director Koichi Sakamoto. The movie will be seeing a limited theater screening on April 29th, and released on home video on August 4th.

Source: Toei

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