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Additional Characters and Cast Announced For Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger


Additional Characters and Cast Announced For Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger

Additional characters and voice actors have been revealed for the upcoming Super Sentai series, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger.

Secchan: Misato Fukuen (voice)

Joining the Zenkaiger main cast is their questionably reliable ally, Secchan. A robotic bird created by Kaito’s parents and the beloved mascot of the sweets cafe “Colorful”, Secchan has been with Kaito since his childhood and supports the Zenkaigers with detailed knowledge of past Sentai teams.

Fukuen: “This is my first time voicing for a Super Sentai series, and I’m very happy to be here. Through his knowledge of the beloved Sentai series, I’ll work hard as Secchan in order to be useful to Kaito!!”

From the Kikanoid’s parallel world of Kikaitopia is the Corrupt Dynasty Tojitend. Their aim is to destroy all of the parallel worlds, but for some reason, Kaito’s world has not fallen from their techniques. Determined to take it through military force, Tojitend sets out to invade Kaito’s world.

Bochwauss: Joji Nakata (voice)

Tojitend is led by the fearsome emperor Bochwauss. While his body may be encased in a wall, he commands his subordinates through force of presence and notoriety. Special treatment is given to Gege, the bird-like robot that resides in his left shoulder.

Nakata: “Hello! I’ve returned to Nichiasa and the Super Sentai series! This is the 45th show? There’s only one human hero? Who’s the female member? Kikaitopia? Robots plus heroes are the strongest! Look forward to a fun, lively worldview!”

Previously in Sentai, Nakata voiced Tankjoh in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, Azald in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, and Zaien in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. He also played Great Professor Bias from Choujuu Sentai Liveman and Sir Cowler in Choushinsei Flashman.

Brashitara: Kenji Nomura (voice) / Riichi Seike (suit)

Dyed in desert camouflage, Brashitara is the commander in charge of the invasion. He can’t help but invade other worlds and enjoys scrapping them. However, he has a… mischievous side when fighting against the Zenkaigers?

Nomura: “It’s been a while, but I’m back to voice another enemy commander. I’m going all out as Brashitara so he’ll leave his mark on you! I can’t wait to see what kind of character he’ll become!”

Previously in Sentai, Nomura voiced Harbal in Mirai Sentai Timeranger, Beast Baron Cobolda in Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive, and Desphias in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

Ijilde: Masanori Takeda (voice) / Hiroyuki Muraoka (suit)

If Brashitara is the brawn leading the invasion, Ijilde is in the back as the brain of Tojitend, tinkering with machines and producing monsters. While Ijilde may remove the brakes for the sake of his research, Ijilde is the most zealous about Tojitend’s future. Ijilde took the skills to tinker with parallel worlds from a certain scientist and perfected them for himself.

Takeda: “The 45th series, huh? So that means us “bad guys” have tried 44 times before, right? These Super Sentai teams are pretty strong… But maybe we’ll get them this time?! Against Ijilde, the Zenkaigers are going to run into some trouble! Yup!”

Gege: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (voice)
Gege is Bochwauss’s beloved robotic bird and rests on his left shoulder. He looks down on the Kikanoids and is actually Tojitend’s most capable member. Gege takes advantage of the emperor’s doting to further his own plans. What a dreadful bird!

Suzuki: “I’m going into after-recording to give those guys some much-needed pain every time. Look forward to watching the heroes suffer.”

Previously in Sentai, Suzuki voiced Usada Lettuce from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger is the 45th Super Sentai series and will start airing on March 7.

Sources: Toei, Oricon

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