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Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary Live Event Announced


Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary Live Event Announced

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Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary ANNIVERSARY THE LIVE will take place in late December, featuring voice actors from the Ultimate Force Zero.

As a part of the Ultra Heroes Expo 2021, which takes place from December 26th, 2020 to January 4th, 2021, an Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary event will also take place. Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary ANNIVERSARY THE LIVE will take a look back at the 10 years of Ultraman Zero, featuring a special stage show, a talk show, and live music by Ultraman Zero voice actor Mamoru Miyano.

Along with Miyano being a part of this event, other voice actors of the Ultimate Force Zero will partake as well. Tomokazu Seki, the voice actor for Glenfire, and Hikaru Midorikawa, voice actor for Mirror Knight, will also be of attendance. Anyone who purchases a ticket for this event will receive a silicon phosphorescent wristband and a message card from Ultraman Zero.

Taking place during this event is a special live stage show “Ultimate Force Zero.” This stage show will feature the Ultimate Force Zero which shows the day before the “Ultimate Force Zero ~Side Story~” novel. Afterward, Mamoru Miyano, Tomokazu Seki, and Hikaru Midorikawa will take part in a talk show. In this talk show, they will look back at the 10 years of history with Ultraman Zero and will speak on their feelings and memories for each hero of the Ultimate Force Zero.

Finally, Mamoru Miyano will perform live music during the event. Miyano will perform ZERO to INFINITY, the opening theme song of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy live.

Merchandise will also be sold as a part of the event, and will also be sold online at a later point after the event. The items being sold are a t-shirt, a muffler towel, a clear file holder, and another wristband separate from the one that is received when a ticket is purchased.

Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary ANNIVERSARY THE LIVE will take place on December 27th, 2020 at the Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall. The event will also take special precautions to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while the expo takes place.

Source: Tsuburaya Station

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